Upcoming Conferences:

  • Hybrid MysTech Conference 2022: Seattle area and online, August 11-13.

    If this is your first time hearing about MysTech and its annual conference this will be our 5th annual conference since 2017 with the past two years online. We have had about 20 different speakers per year speaking on topics related to Technology and spiritual science. I invite you to browse through this year’s conference landing page here:

    You may also see the previous two conferences here:

    MysTech Conference 2020:

    MysTech Conference 2021:

Reports from past conferences:

  • Anthroposophical Society in America, Annual General Meetings,
    • Online (was to have been Portland, OR), 2020
    • Atlanta, Georgia, 2019
    • New Orleans, Louisiana, 2018
    • Phoenix, Arizona, 2017
  • Click HERE for events across America such as:
    • Natural Science Section conference will take place online monthly as a discussion café following the Climate Conference taking place at the Goetheanum Oct. 1-4.  Click here for more.
    • Biodynamic Conference Nov. 12-15, online. Click here for more.
  • World events are difficult to gather and maintain on this website. One can explore many such events here. 
  • More reports can be found at Being Human by clicking HERE.