Meeting I to I – Discussion with Michael Howard

April 19, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Waldorf School of Lexington
739 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington MA
Cynde Reilly

Meeting I to I
Workshop with Michael Howard

…In our age we are going from experiencing the other human being through sheaths, to directly experiencing the other individual’s ego…. The great transition to this newer age consists of individuals meeting individuals free of their
sheaths…but the capacities for this untrammeled encounter have yet to be acquired…we have not yet acquired the possibility for a relation between ego and ego. But this must be prepared for by education (culture and art).

–Rudolf Steiner, The Younger Generation, Lecture 12, p.157-62

Why are our hopes and aspirations for social life so challenging and elusive to realize?

Our predisposition to feel sympathy and antipathy for what is different in others can be transformed into interest and empathy for each others’ inner striving. Through an empathic interest in each others’ spirit striving, we meet I to I and cultivate a new kind of community rooted in individuality rather than commonality.
In this workshop, we will consider perspectives that can shed light on the social challenges we face both individually and collectively. And through conversation and artistic activity, we will explore the development of new and much-needed social capacities.

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