The Seven Soul Types, as indicated by Rudolf Steiner (Presentation and discussion)

February 19, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Jennifer Goodman, M.Ed. has done extensive research on the Seven Soul Types. She is an anthroposophically trained counselor, offering child, teen, and adult counseling, workshops, and parent coaching. She is a certified Waldorf Collaborative Counselor, Simplicity Parenting Coach, and Social Inclusion Coach. She received her Master’s in the Waldorf Experienced Educators program at Antioch University.

Imprinted in us on our spiritual journey to this lifetime, the soul types are often overlooked in favor of the temperaments to describe character and personality. While the latter is expressed in the etheric body and is more fixed, the soul types work through the astral body, with potential for development throughout our lives. This is a powerful model for working effectively with different styles and developing new ways of approaching situations that balance and support us. Through this model, we can come to understanding ourselves better and how we affect those in our lives. This is a practical look at questions such as: How does your individual way of being in the world fit in with others? What capacities serve you best as you create what you want in your life? 

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