Monthly Members Meetings

While some branches have members’ meetings on a set day of each month or week, these tend to have a home for their branch activities. ASinGB is without its own building. We  host meetings as we can arrange a venue and its activity or lecture.  Check our newsletter.

Study Groups

Study Groups provide a community-life-filled friendly environment for which to work together with others towards gaining insights from Spiritual Science. Boston is rich in institutions of higher learning.  The presence of the many world-famous colleges and universities in and around Boston is both an opportunity and a challenge.  People from all over the world come to study in our area and we must assume that many would be open to Anthroposophy and the study of Spiritual Science.

Though we are relatively rich in activities around Route 128, there is little in the way of Anthroposophically-sponsored events downtown.  It would be helpful, for those looking for what Anthroposophy can offer, to establish and develop active study groups in the area.

Our challenge is to find ways in which to build a presence in the city of Boston and its immediate surroundings so that those open to Anthroposophical thought can be served.  By doing so, easy-to-reach activities can exist that could attract students and others potentially interested in Anthroposophy.

Members of the Planning and Events Committee of the Anthroposophical Society in Greater Boston are prepared to help any of you who could come forward as group leaders or hosts in the initial stages of formation and study.  Those interested in hosting gatherings or in joining a group can contact Ken Ingham ( or 617-795-0134) or any of the contact persons noted in the list below.  By building a strong presence in Boston, we can meet the needs of those seeking a deeper understanding of spiritual science.  Perhaps, one day, we may be able to found an active physical center in Boston that can host important public events.

For a list of on-going study groups, click HERE.