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The print publication from the Anthroposophical Society in America is called being human. It is sent free to members of the ASA and is supported in part by advertising. It is available here in PDF format and in an online magazine reading format at

The phrase “being human” reflects core concerns of anthroposophy, the scientific approach to consciousness, mind, and spirit in humanity and the cosmos that was inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner early in the 20th century. These concerns might be expressed in concrete, personal terms as “being more consciously human, becoming more fully human, acting more humanely in all we do.”

The printed quarterly being human is sent free to current members of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and complimentary copies are sent for a limited period to those who express interest in our work. Supplementing the print edition, being human online is a monthly email with additional content and links to articles for which we do not have space in print. The Summer-Fall 2016 issue is available here in a small PDF format for phones and tablets.

Deepening Anthroposophy

Deepening Anthroposophy is an independently founded newsletter by and for English-speaking members of the Anthroposophical Society worldwide. It is intended to follow through on Rudolf Steiner’s observation that the impulse of the Christmas Conference can most effectively be cultivated in a space where we are able to deepen our conversations and anthroposophical work together as members.

To subscribe (free, emailed as PDF), please contact deepening[at]use.startmail[dot]com

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A quarterly magazine from the UK
Published at Easter, Midsummer, Michaelmas, and ChristmasPaper or Digital: Magazine Content
You can see the content and the editorial of each previous issue of the magazine here.
Current issue: Christmas/Winter 2017.

Today is the third Day of Christmas. Wishing all those who read this a special time during the Holy Nights and the hope that some peace and goodwill finds its way to you.

Digital download of magazine now available

New View magazine was born in 1996 and today it offers a fresh look at the world and ourselves. Four times a year, New View brings together a unique collection of articles on many aspects of modern life. Published quarterly and bringing news and contemporary insights based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. Regular items include: World events, Community, Health, Education, Self-development, Arts, Science, Environment, Biodynamic-Agriculture, Book and Film Reviews and much more….

The MysTech Journal contains cutting edge articles on Technology and spiritual science. To subscribe to MysTech Journal please click here.