Study of the Twelve Senses as a window on balance and health in the developing human being with Eurythmist Leonore Russell

October 23, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
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Although we commonly acknowledge that we have five senses through which we interact with the world and our consciousness, Rudolf Steiner developed a constellation of twelve senses and presented them in a framework that gives us endless opportunities for creative thinking about the mysteries of the human being. We will address the overview of these twelve senses and also give examples of how we can develop, not only a knowledge of them, but employ them in supporting healthy development of the growing human being. There will be time for questions and discussion.

Leonore Russell completed her Eurythmy training in Dornach in 1974. She has over thirty years’ experience in Waldorf education teaching, performing arts (eurythmy) literature and literacy, as well as serving as an administrator. She works as a consultant to schools and organizations using the arts as a catalyst for development. She has fifteen years as adjunct professor to Adelphi University and Antioch New England Graduate School. She facilitates workshops for school communities and non-profit groups, specializing in the arts and organizational development. She is the Founder of Arts Unlimited/ Educational Consulting, Program Coordinator and Instructor of Foundation Studies (Adult Ed. CFA) at the Winkler Center for Adult Learning, at the Waldorf School of Garden City; Faculty, High School Teacher Training, Center for Anthroposophy, Wilton, NH; Renewal Faculty at the summer CFA Program; Adjunct Faculty at Adelphi University, Antioch New England Graduate School, Tara High School for the Performing Arts, and The Waldorf School of Garden City.

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